High number of prenatals taking advantage of prenatal classes

  • Posted on: 2 December 2009
  • By: admin

Over the past six weeks, more than a dozen expectant mothers and their partners have attended a prenatal program.

Last night concluded the six-week program, which is designed to provide support and resources for families welcoming a new baby.

Some of the information discussed in the prenatal class are breastfeeding and baby formula, dental hygiene, car seat safety, and what to take when mothers go out of the community to deliver.

The prenatal class is a combined effort of the Sandy Lake Health Authority's programs like Prenatal Program, Child Wellness, Maternal Health, FASD/E, and Healthy Babies.  Public Health Nurse Deborah Armstrong also works with the prenatals and follows up with post-natals when they return home.  Chantal McCullagh, a student midwife on placement from Laurentian University has been in Sandy Lake for the past six-weeks and has been active in the prenatal program, working with the expectant mothers.  Dental Hygienist Christine Hamilton also made a presentation about proper mouth care for babies in last night's session.

Deborah Armstrong says there are currently 50 prenatals in the community at this time.  The second highest number of prenatals since there were more than 60 expectant mothers a couple of years ago.