Youth Council



The Youth Council is made up of five (5) youth - one representing each of the five geographical areas of the community. They are elected by their peers for a one-year term.

The Youth Council consists of a Youth Chief, Youth Deputy Chief, Youth Head Councillor and two Youth Councillors. These positions are designated by the Youth Council members upon election. 

Several community programs provide support to the Youth Council including Brighter Futures, Wolf Spirit, Girl Power, Right to Play, Diabetes Prevention ADI, and NAN Legal Youth Intervention. 

Recognizing the youth as a priority and vital contributors to the community, Chief and Council offer their support and encouragement to the Youth Council in their endeavours.

The Youth Council meets once a week to discuss and plan weekly events. In 2012, construction on the new Youth Centre was complete and the Youth Council use it to actively coordinate events for the youth of Sandy Lake. 

Youth Centre


The Youth Council manages the activities and rental of the Youth Centre. The Finance Department assists by managing the funds related to the expenses of the Youth Centre.   



Jeremy Monias, Brighter Futures Coordinator
Business Phone: 807-774-5242

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