Sandy Lake Housing Authority

Sandy Lake First Nation
P.O. Box 12
Sandy Lake, ON  P0V 1V0
Telephone:  (807) 774-3421
Fax:  (807) 774-1040

Sam Fiddler, Housing Manager
Fabian Crowe, Band Councillor - Housing Portfolio


The Housing Authority oversees the administration and management of housing projects in Sandy Lake. 

Board Members

The Board of Directors consists of five members representing the five different geographical areas of the community.  The current Board was elected by the community for a two-year term from 2013-2015.

The Board of Directors serves as a liaison for the community as a whole, providing direction to the Sandy Lake Housing Authority while working cooperatively with the Chief and Council.

  • Cathy Rae - R.C.
  • David "Abba" Beardy - Old Sawmill/Ghost Point
  • Wally Kakepetum- Airport/Big Rock
  • Carson Fiddler - Centre
  • Bailey Meekis - River

Staff Directory

Sam Fiddler, Housing Manager
Valarie Fiddler, Assistant Housing Manager
Eddie J. Meekis, Housing Supervisor

Sandy Lake Radio

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