Anishininimowin or Oji-Cree (sometimes called Severn Ojibway) is closely related to the Ojibway language, but has a different literary tradition based in Cree, and several phonological and grammatical differences. This nation has communities throughout north-western Ontario (with the Cree to the north and Ojibway to the south) and at Island Lake in Manitoba. Oji-Cree is often grouped together with Ojibway and related languages.

Sandy Lake Oji-Cree is a community dialect that closely resembles the following communities which share many family ties.
  • Sandy Lake, Ontario
  • Deer Lake, Ontario
  • Keewaywin, Ontario
  • Koocheching, Ontario
  • North Spirit Lake, Ontario
  • Island Lake, Manitoba
Below is the syllabics chart used in Sandy Lake and it's schools.

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