Marathon Results

  • Posted on: 20 October 2008
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Sandy Lake Health and Diabetes Project

2008 Marathon / Walkathon

October 18, 2008




Total of:          44 Runners in all divisions


                      62 Walkers




Winners of the 2008 Marathon
  Adult - Men Adult - Women Youth - Boys Youth - Girls
1st Matt Kennedy Stacey Fiddler Joey Kakegamic Claudette Linklater
2nd Russell Kakepetum Willow Fiddler Tyler Anishinabie Amber Meekis
3rd Chad Fiddler Martina Linklater Osbourne Kakepetum Forrest Sawanas
4th Jamie Rae Cyndie Fiddler BJ Kakegamic Danika Rae






Top runners in under 2 hours:20 minutes
Matt Kennedy 0:58:49
Russell Kakepetum 1:08:58
Joey Kakegamic 1:12:02
Tyler Anishinabie 1:14:18
Osbourne Kakepetum 1:15:24
BJ Kakegamic 1:19:05
Brennan Fiddler 1:19:25
Nathan Kakegamic 1:22:23
Jeff Kakegamic 1:23:09
Stacey Fiddler 1:23:20
Chad Fiddler 1:25:31
Jamie Rae 1:26:38
Willow Fiddler 1:26:38
Gilmour Kakegamic 1:27:31
Jeremy Kakepetum 1:29:10
Ralph Bekintis 1:29:48
Claudette Linklater 1:32:01
Darryl Meekis 1:32:02
Amber Meekis 1:33:52
Martina Linklater 1:34:20
Andrew Rae 1:39:06
Dakota Fiddler 1:39:11
Adam Beardy 1:39:27
Creedance Anishinabie 1:40:40
Tyler Anishinabie 1:40:42
Clint Meekis 1:42:34
Cyndie Fiddler 1:43:43
Mary Jane Fiddler 1:44:01
Kurri Kakegamic 1:47:29
Tyrell Fiddler 1:50:14
Forrest Sawanas 1:51:34
Kasey Anishinabie 1:51:35
Robinson Goodman 1:58:01
Bethany Fiddler 1:59:57
Jay Fiddler 2:11:35
Myron Linklater 2:11:36
Danika Rae 2:12:18
James Mamakeesic 2:12:54
Delaine Fiddler 2:15:08
Kalynn Mawakeesic 2:16:33



Congratulations and thank you to everyone who completed the long 12 km trek.




Thank you to all the sponsors who made this event a smashing success.




All prizes for the walkathon have been sponsored by the Chief and Council, Sandy Lake Community Development Services Inc., Sandy Lake Board of Education, Welfare Administration, Maternity Child Health Program, Brighter Futures, Sandy Lake Seaplane Services, Tikinagan Child and Family Services/Prevention Worker, and the Northern Store.




And a special thank you to all the volunteers who transported runners to the starting point, gave gatorade and water at the stations, the drivers who looked out for the runners and walkers, security and timekeepers.  Thanks to Jessie Day, Lucy Day, Alex Fiddler, Jeff Meekis, Leeroy Meekis, Spence Rae, Ida Anishinabie, and Ivan Rae.




Thank you to the North-South Partnership for Children and Sandy Lake Chief and Council for helping us in the awards ceremony.