Police Station steals the Office Cup from Band Office

  • Posted on: 21 April 2009
  • By: admin

The display case at the band office looks a little empty these days.  It could be because the Office Cup trophy now sits at the police station.  For now.

In three days of broomball action, six office teams battled it out at the Sandy Lake arena to see who would take ownership of this year's Office Cup championship title.

Making it to the semi-finals, the team from the Sandy Lake Health Authority defeated The Corporation, taking Health to the finals.  The Band Office staff weren't so lucky as they lost their defending champion title to the Police Station.  In the end, it was the Police Station that took the cup home after a final score of 2-0 over Health.

Honorable mention to the teams from Sandy Lake Board of Education and the Stores (Adowgamik, Northern, Dan-Dan's, TJ's, TNN's).

Broomball Office Cup Champions 2009 - The Police Station                                                Runner-Up - Sandy Lake Health Authority